1. Improve the common living facilities on the third floor, ensuring they are ADA accessible.
  2. install an elevator in the building, thus making all of our Empire Street spaces fully accessible for the first time in the building’s history.
  3. Create a secure stage loading area that allows performers to safely leave equipment unattended.
  4. Create a gender neutral bathroom on the ground floor to ensure we are accessible and inclusive.
  5. Reconfigure AS220 Foo(d) and Bar by moving the kitchen to the back of the building and combining service points. This will create the space needed to complete other ground floor improvements while increasing kitchen capacity, including the ability to fulfill catering requests.
  6. Open up the wall between the Black Box Theater foyer and the restaurant, thus increasing the ability of artists and audiences to flow between ground and second floor programming spaces.
  7. Make the Aborn Gallery publicly accessible, which will create more opportunities for artists to exhibit and reduce exhibition wait lists.
  8. Upgrade the HVAC system in the Black Box Theater to improve the comfort of audiences and performers.
  9. Create a ‘stage right exit’ in the Black Box Theater, allowing for the more effective staging of theatre productions.
  10. Create new storage space for Black Box risers and seating to enhance the flexibility of the theatre space.
  11. Improve sound attenuation between the Black Box Theatre, Psychic Readings Performance Space, and Dance Studio, creating more opportunities for artists and community groups to program spaces.

Full Building Upgrades

  • Install improved lighting, audio visual and sound equipment in the Main Stage, Main Gallery and Black Box Theatre to enhance the experience of artwork and performances.
  • Upgrade the Green Room in the basement to improve the experience of local, national and international performers and musicians
  • Increase safety by installing a new fob system and security measures to ensure our spaces are both accessible to the public yet safe for our tenants and youth.