Making beautiful, delicious food and drinks is an artform. As such, AS220 considers our restaurant and bar to be programs of the organization. AS220 Foo(d) and The Bar at AS220 help create Empire Street’s welcoming and lively community atmosphere. Foo(d) works with local New England farms to create affordable, fresh seasonal menu items and daily specials, including a great selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes. The Bar at AS220 also offers quality, locally-sourced products, serving beer, wine and spirits from over two dozen New England breweries and distilleries. Profits from both the restaurant and bar go to supporting the organization’s not-for-profit work.

“When I was 17, AS220 Youth helped me develop better social skills and the ability to connect with people I had less in common with. Being a Youth member helped me find a side of myself that I didn't usually express to other people. I was in a group home at the time, so it was a great outlet for me to express myself in other ways outside of the home. Youth ultimately helped me get a dishwashing job at AS220 Foo(d), which in turn made me realize how much I loved the food industry. From there I worked my way up to Prep Cook, then Line Cook, to Sous Chef, and ultimately to AS220 Foo(d)’s Head Chef. I hold a special place in my heart for AS220 Youth and for all the people that helped me during that difficult time in my life.”

Chris Collins, AS220 Foo(d)’s Head Chef and alum of AS220 Youth