In keeping with AS220’s mission to provide an unjuried, uncensored, all-ages forum for artists, AS220’s Galleries program extends the opportunity to exhibit original creative work to every resident of Rhode Island. The demand for exhibition space is so high there is a four year waiting list to exhibit in our Project Space Gallery on Mathewson Street. AS220 strives to reduce barriers to creative expression for Rhode Islanders and, as such, it is free for artists to exhibit in our gallery spaces.

Empire Street houses our Main Gallery, which is also our Main Stage, and has a 1.5-2 year waiting list for a month-long exhibition. The building also holds our Open Window Gallery, which will be expanded throughout the restaurant space; the Youth Gallery; and the currently underutilized Aborn Gallery, which building improvements will ensure becomes publicly accessible. In fiscal year 2017, AS220 presented 33 exhibitions in our Empire Street gallery spaces that showcased 83 artists, 51 of which were first-time exhibitors. Estimated attendance was 6,100.

“Having a show in AS220’s Main Gallery helps me set goals and stretch. Knowing that my work will be up on the walls in a place that gets seen is highly motivating and is a critical part of moving my creative practice forward. The context at AS220 is ideal; it’s professional and also totally genuine. Showing at AS220 has allowed me make connections with new people that are about my art.”

Margie Butler, visual artist and brand consultant