In addition to a wide breadth of public programming, AS220 provides 47 residential live spaces - 80% of which are designated affordable housing - and 7 work studios for artists, one of which is in Empire Street. This makes AS220 a leading provider of affordable housing in downtown Providence.

True to AS220’s origins of communal living, the 11 low-income residents who live on the third floor of Empire Street share communal space such as the kitchen and bathrooms. They work in a range of different artistic disciplines and - like all AS220 residents - give five hours of volunteer service to the organization every month.

"Being a resident at AS220 in the communal living space has been great! It has allowed me to collaborate and develop my skills with individuals who push me to fully see the potential in myself. With the resources AS220 provides to both their residents and the public, the organization has helped me hugely in producing some the projects I’ve worked on. From AS220’s multiple gallery spaces to their Media Arts Lab, AS220 provides space where I feel comfortable planning, organizing and creating along side my fellow residents."

Kenny Borge, filmmaker and skateboard artist

“Living at AS220 enables me to pursue my passions in a way that allows me to make a living from my works and performances, giving me the freedom to continue creating. Living here I have access to a wide community of artists and the resources of AS220, which enriches my day-to-day life and practice. I’ve made lasting creative and personal relationships with other resident artists who’ve been through these spaces. There’s no place in the world like AS220 and I’m so happy to live and work in a place built by and for real dreamers.”

Joe DeGeorge, musician and co-founder of wizard rock band ‘Harry and the Potters’