AS220’s Empire Street complex is Providence’s essential generative space downtown. No other single building contains as much varied and dynamic arts and cultural programming as Empire Street, a vibrant hub that houses:

AS220’s Main Gallery which provides an unjuried, uncensored, all-ages forum for artists, and extends the opportunity to exhibit original creative work to every resident of Rhode Island.

Paul Krot Community Darkroom — one of the only publicly accessible darkrooms in New England.

The Black Box Theatre and Psychic Readings performance space, which host a wide range of themes and content, from traditional theatre to experimental performance art, dance, and interdisciplinary work.

AS220’s Main Stage, a 200 capacity performance venue that often hosts as many as ten events a week.

AS220’s Dance Studio hosts regular affordable dance, yoga, and fitness classes.

AS220 Foo(d) and The Bar at AS220, which help create Empire Street’s welcoming and lively community atmosphere.

AS220 Youth, a nationally recognized, award-winning after-school educational program and creative incubator for young people, ages 14-21, many of whom are at- and beyond-risk.

11 low-income residential spaces for artists, all of which are designated affordable housing, and one artist work studio.